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A Grand Adventure In Cayman Islands: Oliver Rush To Pioneer A Circumnavigation Swim Around Grand Cayman

Oliver Rush will attempt an unprecedented 95.5 km circumnavigation swim around Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in May 2022. He explains his motivation, "I aim to raise awareness to combat plastic pollution. Plastic Free Cayman and Project Planet will host a series of community events leading up to the pioneering attempt. These efforts aim to raise

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Swimming Around Hong Kong Island

Swimming Around Hong Kong Island Courtesy of Edith Terry, Zolima City Magazine, Hong Kong. Edith Terry wrote about swimming around Hong Kong Island for Zolima City Magazine, featuring Edie Hu and her escort pilot Shu Pu on his 12 hour 37 minute swim. Olympic swimmer and Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim winner Alex Fong Lik-sun [shown above] will attempt

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An Extraordinary Family Of Adventurers

An Extraordinary Family Of Adventurers Courtesy of Lars Simonsen, Denmark. "I lost my house and my job...and I was on the street with my life and my children, 5 and 7 years old," explains Lars Simonsen. But Simonsen and his wife Suzi Simonsen made two plans to get back on their feet: they made a normal plan to return to normalcy and an alternative

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