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Lighting Up At Night In The Open Water

Swimming at night can be either an extremely fascinating activity to enjoy or an extremely frightful situation to overcome depending on the circumstances and the individual. In either case, the global marathon swimming community using various illumination tools to help keep track of a swimmer at night: Lamps, lights, illumination, glow sticks, strobe

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What Feels Colder? What Feels Warmer?

The open water swimming community is an understated global resource with an incalculable amount of cumulative experience. The worldwide community is a treasure of mankind’s collective knowledge about open water swimming where people share information and have developed camaraderie that is ubiquitous and genuine.Open water swimmers swimmers travel the world,

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What Do You Think?

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming is running a public online poll on what people do or think about while open water swimming (both in training and in competition). You can select up to five choices (see below) at the online poll at the Daily News of Open Water Swimming:1. Sing2. Pray 3. Fantasize 4. Observe/follow competition5. Count6. Recite poems7. Fix

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