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Singapore Open Water Goes In And Out

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. David Tay announced a new open water swimming event in Singapore: the Singapore Open Water held on October 10th. The 800m and 4 km sea swim is held at the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre along the Changi Coast Walk in Singapore. The course is an 800m loop and is open to soloists and relays. For the 4 km race,

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Singapore Swim Stars’ Splashy Start

Courtesy of WOWSA from Huntington Beach, California. Prudential and the Singapore Swim Stars is rolling out the red carpet and a brand new promotion for all things aquatic in Singapore. The splashy start to the 3-day series is set to begin on September 5th with mano-a-mano duels in the pool as well as open water challenges of 800m and 4 km on September

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David Tay Bringing Out The Best

David Tay of Singapore plays a dual role as a triathlon, marathon running, and open water swimming coach and as a Life coach for his athletes. In addition to the technical aspects of sports, Tay coaches people in life skills, leadership, personal and professional development. "Often I use sports training as an avenue to coach them holistically on their

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