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Gotta Good Feeling About The Farallons

People talk about shark-infested waters, but there are few places on Earth where there are so many documented Great White Sharks and an abundance of shark food as the 30-mile stretch between the California mainland and the Farallon Islands. People talk about cold-water swimming, but there are few places on Earth where people have swum that sustain cold

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The Devil Made Me Do It

Sometimes an open water swim can feel like hell. Everything hurts or nothing is going well. You might feel sick, be seasick, getting sore or just plain fatigued. But you continue to swim. You forge on. You fight through the exhaustion, misery and frustration. Those swims from hell can be in a variety of places including in the Devil's Sea in Japan, to

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30 Miles Towards The Devil’s Teeth

Marathon swimmers love facing and overcoming everything the ocean can throw at them. And there are few places like the desolate Farallon Islands. 30 miles west of San Francisco, the stretch of misery throws up barriers like few other places on Earth: rough water, cold water, jellyfish, tides, currents, the darkness of night and Great White Sharks. This

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