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Dogging It Across Lakes And Oceans

Dogging It Across Lakes And Oceans Courtesy of Lucky Meisenheimer, Lake Cane, Florida. Digger is a swimming dog (canine swimmer) that just completed his 1,000th 1 km crossing of Lucky's Lake in Orlando, Florida since 2011. Other well-known aquatic luminaries in the canine world include: * Jake, La Jolla, California * Guri Bosch, Vermont * Robbie *

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The Heartache Behind A Canine’s Swim

A Daily News of Open Water Swimming reader was jogging in Florida when she witnessed a murder of a 53-year-old woman jogger several meters in front of her. The horrific story did not end with the senseless tragedy of a beloved mother and wife being killed by a drunk driver. "The poor woman was with her dog that ran off," recalled the reader. Later it was

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