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Cave Swimming In Dogashima

Courtesy of Ocean Navi, Dogashima, Japan. Masayuki Moriya conducted an open water swimming clinic in Dogashima, Japan where the participants enjoyed cave swimming along the coast. Dogashima (堂ヶ島) is located along the western coast of Izu Peninsula (西伊豆) on Honshu in Japan where Ocean Navi conducts swimming expeditions along the dramatic stone formations

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Cave Dwelling In The Open Water

Video courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean Navi. Masayuki Moriya of Ocean Navi organizes all kinds of swims and ocean expeditions around Japan and the western Pacific Ocean. Some are competitions, some are solo channel swims, some are relays, some are sea expeditions. One of his recent sea expeditions was to Dogashima (西伊豆堂ヶ島) along the western coast of

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