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What Is Your RealAge?

Swimming exercises the entire body and is a great stress reliever. "When you swim, you have to focus on what you are doing," says Borut Strel. "And you can forget the worries that you face on land. If someone is very overweight, they may not be able to walk upstairs or jog, but they can start exercising in the water." The smiles, the euphoria, the

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If Dr. Oz Was An Open Water Swimmer

Dr. Oz is an accomplished author, surgeon, health advocate and American television personality. A former water polo player, he provided 28 steps to start off the new year. His friend and fellow television star and swimmer Oprah Winfrey agreed on these daily bits of advice. His first two bits of advice are to (1) Go Green, and (2) Indulge in Dark

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Thinking About Open Water Swimming

For more than 20 years, Dr. Louane Brizendine has been studying the differences between the male and female brains. The neuropsychiatrist and author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain writes, "...the female brain has tremendous unique aptitudes — outstanding verbal agility, the ability to connect deeply in friendship, a nearly psychic capacity to read

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