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I Felt Fine, But It Was A Shock

I Felt Fine, But It Was A Shock Courtesy of Tod Hardin, Plastic Oceans International. Sarah Ferguson, a South African swimmer, physiotherapist, motivational speaker, and Pilates instructor from Durban, was the first person to complete a 60 km circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in Polynesia. She completed the swim in 19 hours 8 minutes in March

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The Roaring 20’s Of Open Water Swimming

The Roaring 20's Of Open Water Swimming Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The Roaring 20’s of the 20th century were an iconic period in U.S. and Western European history. There was a relatively booming economy, especially in the aftermath of World War I, where cars, telephones, movies, radio, and electrical appliances like washing machine

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Where Tranquility Replaces Turbulence

Where Tranquility Replaces Turbulence Courtesy of Nicolas Ruel, National Geographic Magazine. Nicolas Ruel from Montreal has traveled to 70 cities in 40 countries and 5 continents to produce Cityscape, Civilization and Industrial, a photographic series that features busy metropolitan scenes. "His photographs present a unique perspective of the hustle

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