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From A Dark Place To The Other Side

From A Dark Place To The Other Side Courtesy of Jon Washer, The Other Side, English Channel. "Every time that I felt that I accomplished something, I felt that there was something more that I can do," explained Sarah Thomas before she completed history's first four-way crossing of the English Channel. "I wanted to see what that more was." Her goal was

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Standing Up To The Tests Of Time

Dr. Roger Allsopp did it in his 70s. Dr. Allsopp set the standard in terms of the oldest individual to successfully cross the English Channel. His record was enticement for Professor George Thorton who gave a valiant attempt today before pulling out in 9 hours 18 minute and boarding Eddie Spelling's escort boat Anastasia. Next up on the senior scale in

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The Big Moment With Nicholas Caine

Sometimes there are Big Moments in an open water swim where the athlete meets the moment. It can flash by in an instant or it can take place over a much longer period of time. But those Big Moments are memorable. This was Nicholas Caine's Big Moment at the 10-hour mark of his English Channel swim of 13 hours 11 minutes as he describes it first-hand: "I

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