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The Doctor Is In The House

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. A day after the latest Japanese relay team crossed the Tsugaru Channel, Dr. Steven Minaglia from Honolulu, Hawaii is getting ready for his own solo Tsugaru Channel attempt. From his hotel room on Tappi Misaki, he has been watching the whitewater and wind chop typically blow across the Tsugaru Current.

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Swimming With The Flying Dragon

It is only 19.5 km from shore to shore, a mere 12 miles at its closest point across the Tsugaru Channel. Comparing the times of the channel crossings of the 14 swimmers who have crossed the 21-mile English Channel, the 20.2-mile Catalina Channel and the 12-mile Tsugaru Channel, the average times are comparable: * English Channel = 13 hours 23 minutes *

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What Does The Tsugaru Channel Look Like?

Tsugaru Channel Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi photographed and filmed Triple Crowner Brad McVetta's valient 17 hour 13 minute attempt of a Tsugaru Channel crossing from numerous angles above, below and at the water's surface. The illustrative video created with a GoPro shown below gives a great idea of how the Tsugaru Channel looks on a calm day, but the

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