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5-way?!? No Way?!? Well, Maybe Yes…

5-way?!? No Way?!? Well, Maybe Yes... Courtesy of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine. "It will take some magic to accomplish, but I absolutely think it is possible. If things hadn't gone so awry with the currents on my last lap, I had enough left in the tank to do a five-way [English Channel crossing]," said Sarah Thomas of four-way English Channel fame to Elaine

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Write On, Elaine Howley

Write On, Elaine Howley Courtesy of WOWSA, Boston, Massachusetts. From Captain Matthew Webb and Gertrude Ederle to Sarah Thomas and Ross Edgley, Elaine Howley is among open water swimming's most prolific writers and foremost historians. Howley promotes open water swimming, its history and its luminaries in a highly educational, easy-to-read manner via her

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