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Tasting Love In The Open Water

When you eat your favorite dish of your grandmother, chow down a barbeque meal prepared by your father, or devour your mother's mouth-watering pies, your taste buds are embossed in sensations that are indescribably familiar and satisfying. The effort, time and skills in preparing a delicious meal is not insubstantial. The Japanese, well-known for

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Feeding Fast In The Open Water

Open Water Source has always advocated a standard four-step feeding process since the 1980's in order to feed quickly: 1. Seek and Spot 2. Reach and Roll 3. Gulp and Go 4. Toss and Turn 1. Seek and Spot - as the swimmer approaches the feeding pontoon or escort boat, they lift their head to spot their coach and seek out exactly where they must go,

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