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Closing In On The Ice Sevens

Closing In On The Ice Sevens Courtesy of Ram Barkai, International Ice Swimming Association. Jaimie Monahan and Ger Kennedy are the only swimmers who have completed the Ice Sevens. Monahan was the pioneer in completing 7 Ice Miles under the International Ice Swimming Association requisite requirements, achieved in June 2018. Kennedy became the second

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Amstel Ice Swim 2020

Courtesy of Fergil Hesterman, Roeicentrum Berlagebrug, Amsterdam, Netherlands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAScsBM3yeM Fergil Hesterman wants to share his passion. And so does his mother Christa Hesterman-van Beers. After the last quadrennial as one of the world's top ice swimmers, the Hersterman's wanted to make the most extreme of aquatic

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