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Melodee Nugent, Swimming Pain Free

Melodee Nugent, Swimming Pain Free Courtesy of Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 52-year-old Melodee Nugent is a lifelong pool and marathon swimmer. In the 2019 Go The Distance U.S. Masters Swimming competition, she swam the most miles among women at 1,620 (2,607,000 meters) over the course of the year. Nugent swam 186

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Streaming While Swimming

Streaming While Swimming Courtesy of Quinn Fitzgerald, Livermore, California. The sound is great, like hearing your favorite music while sitting down at home with your headphones on - but you are out in the ocean or lake. FINIS has changed the swimming experience by providing crystal clear surround-sound, underwater with its new FINIS Stream. Unlike its

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