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Private Thoughts On Swimming With Sharks

Is it genetic or is it environmental? Is it nature or is it nurtured? Why is it that I think of sharks when I am swimming in the ocean, far from shore? What brings them to mind? What causes the thought to suddenly pop into my head? Alone with my thoughts with my head facing downwards, I occasionally ask myself, "What do I do if I see a shark? What do I

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Cashing In At The Flowers Sea Swim

BJ Bedford earned an Olympic gold...so did Gary Hall Jr....as did Ian Crocker...and Scott Goldblatt...and Gary Hall Sr....and Kaitlan Sandeno... They all will be at the 20th annual Flowers Sea Swim. As Crocker says, "This is the only open water swim that I do. It is wonderful event." Over 25% of the 860 entrants are flying in to the Cayman Islands from a

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No Replacement For Passion And Intensity

The Washington Post ran an interesting article about the training - or lack thereof - by Michael Phelps and how USA Swimming's Olympic coaches are reinventing the sport for their older elite stars.Amy Shipley of the Washington Post wrote that "as swimmers continue their professional careers well beyond college, the older generation is unable or unwilling to

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