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Swipping In The Pool And Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Swipping is a conjoining of the words swimming and slipping that Gary Hall Sr. of The Race Club coined as a description of swimming with the least amount of frontal drag possible. His explanation is here. While optimal swipping may be thought of as a means to reduce the amount of drag forces on the body as

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All In The Family In The Open Water

When dad (Gary Hall, Sr.) and mom (Mary Hall) and sons (Gary Hall, Jr. and Richard Hall) and daughter (Amy Hall) decide to do some filming and teaching in the open water, they bring in personable stars and have a whole lotta fun. Olympic gold medalists Roland Schoeman and Rebecca Soni spent a week in the Florida Keys filming with Lexie Kelly, in and out and

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Cashing In At The Flowers Sea Swim

BJ Bedford earned an Olympic gold...so did Gary Hall Jr....as did Ian Crocker...and Scott Goldblatt...and Gary Hall Sr....and Kaitlan Sandeno... They all will be at the 20th annual Flowers Sea Swim. As Crocker says, "This is the only open water swim that I do. It is wonderful event." Over 25% of the 860 entrants are flying in to the Cayman Islands from a

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