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Standing Up To The Tests Of Time

Dr. Roger Allsopp did it in his 70s. Dr. Allsopp set the standard in terms of the oldest individual to successfully cross the English Channel. His record was enticement for Professor George Thorton who gave a valiant attempt today before pulling out in 9 hours 18 minute and boarding Eddie Spelling's escort boat Anastasia. Next up on the senior scale in

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Oldies But Goodies In The Open Water

The members of the Half Century Club prove that some things do get better with age. Even if the weather does not cooperate. This year, 72-year-old George Thornton, a psychology professor at Colorado State University, wanted to become the oldest person to cross the English Channel. As he waited out the fickle weather, the professor's two-week window came

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What Can George Thorton Do?

If not him, who? If not now, when? If not the English Channel, where? George Thornton has answered these questions for himself. Next month the 72-year-old American industrial psychology professor at Colorado State University, trains and dreams of becoming the oldest man to swim the English Channel. 70-year-old Roger Allsopp's celebrated record set the

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