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14 Swimmers At The Bottom Of The World

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Southern Ocean, Antarctica. https://youtu.be/Olq6j25191U Antarctica 2020 International Swim is a series of ice swims and environmental swims held inside the Antarctic Circle (66°33′46.5″ south) that replicates and celebrates Lynne Cox's pioneering Antarctica 1.7 km swim in Neko Bay in 2002 and celebrates the 200-year

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Closing In On The Ice Sevens

Closing In On The Ice Sevens Courtesy of Ram Barkai, International Ice Swimming Association. Jaimie Monahan and Ger Kennedy are the only swimmers who have completed the Ice Sevens. Monahan was the pioneer in completing 7 Ice Miles under the International Ice Swimming Association requisite requirements, achieved in June 2018. Kennedy became the second

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Ger Kennedy On WOWSA Live

Ger Kennedy On WOWSA Live Sponsored by KAATSU, Ireland. Ned Denison will have an undoubtedly wide-ranging discussion with Ger Kennedy on this week's WOWSA Live. Steven Munatones says of the charismatic Irishman. "Ger is a diamond, a swimmer hardened beyond belief. His real-world adventures are so fascinating, what he does around the globe is hard to

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