Glowing Profile Of Mauro Campanelli

Glowing Profile Of Mauro Campanelli Courtesy of Meghan Callon and Lindi Osborne, Great Lakes Guide, Canada. GLOW Swimming has honored Mauro Campanelli as its super swimmer of March. In addition to his running and triathlon events, he is also a GLOW regular and manages the annual 24-hour swim relay in Lake Ontario for GLOW at Coronation Beach, Canada. For

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GLOWing With Robert McGlashan

GLOWing With Robert McGlashan Courtesy of Madhu Nagaraja, Lake Ontario, Canada. Robert McGlashan spends much his time on dryland as an attorney in Toronto specializing in Employment, Environmental and Estate Litigation. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Story Book Farms Primate Sanctuary, The Canadian Defence Lawyers, The Ontario Bar

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Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW

Swimmers Have A Certain GLOW Courtesy of WOWSA, Coronation Park Beach, Canada. Between September 28th and 29th for 24 consecutive hours, the Great Lakes Trust will host a GLOW adventures 24-hour open water swimming event at Coronation Park Beach in Oakville, Ontario. Madhu Nagaraja describes the event, "We love the Great Lakes. We love the open water.

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