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I Was Swimming, But I Wasn’t Conscious

"I was swimming, but I wasn't conscious," explains Ted Erikson often when describing his Farallon Islands swim to the Golden Gate Bridge in 1967, a feat that has yet to be replicated. He competed against Greta Andersen and Abdul Latif Abou Heif in the heydays of the 1960's professional marathon swimming circuit, the 1960's English Channel crossings, and the

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A Meeting Of The Minds

At the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, all kinds of one-on-one and side conversations were held. Questions were asked, opinions were given, and stories were shared. Imagine the conversation between Tina Neill (left) who swam 52 miles from San Clemente Island to the California mainland in 2012 and

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Luane Rowe, Rare As A Pink Dolphin

It is rare for an open water swimmer to be sponsored as part of an advertising program (Natalue du Toit for Chevolet). It is even more exceedingly rare for an open water specialist to be featured on commercial packaged product. Famous football players, yes. Well-known basketball players, yup. Olympic champions, certainly. Cartoon characters, all the time.

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