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Who Is The King Of The Sea?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Who are these guys on the beach? They are top open water swimmers from South Africa, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil who compete in the annual King and Queen of the Sea (Rei e Rainha do Mar in Portuguese) competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The multi-stage professional and amateur open water swim

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Flying, Fleet Of Foot After Open Water

Lexie Kelly of the U.S.A. and Guillermo Bertola cruised to swift victories in the beach biathlon at yesterdays King and Queen of the Sea competition on the shores of Copacabana Beach. While Bertola was bunched up with Chad Ho and Aaron Peirsol in the water, once he hit the soft sand of Copacabana Beach, he took off like a great miler, extraordinarily

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