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Swimming Across A Rare Stretch Of Blue

Swimming Across The Big Blue Courtesy of Jeff Kozlovich, Kahoolawe, Hawaii. The Kealaikahiki Channel is a body of water between the islands of Kahoolawe to Lanai in the state of Hawaii. It is rarely crossed. Captain Sidney Akiona escorted software engineer Quinn Carver (10 hours 24 minutes) and retired U.S. Air Force pararescueman Bill Goding (10 hours 44

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Harry Huffaker’s Three Islands Swim

https://youtu.be/jNXVgTGdqMA Harry Huffaker's Three Islands Swim Courtesy of Harry Huffaker, Maui - Lanai - Molokai, Pacific Ocean. In 1989, Dr. Harry Huffaker, a dentist from Oahu, attempted a 63 km swim that had never been attempted before: the 3 Islands Swim or the Maui Nui Crossings between the islands of Maui,  Lanai, and Molokai in the state of

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