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2015 Freedom Swim Announced

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Ram Barkai, Chairman of the Freedom Swim Series, announced the 2015 Freedom Swim is scheduled for the weekend of April 11-12th. The big swim is from Robben Island to Big Bay. All swimmers will be ferried to the start point in the morning so they can swim back. For more information, visit

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Troy Prinsloo, The Man Named Hercules

Hercules Troyden Prinsloo is a man on a mission. 25 of the fastest swimmers in the world at 10km will be battling each other in one of the toughest events at 2012 London Olympic Games. The field is arguably the strongest ever assembled in the history of the sport... ...and a buff, beefy man named Hercules will find himself right in the middle of the

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