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WOWSA Launches Free Global Event Calendar

                                                  WOWSA Launches Free Global Calendar In WOWSA’s annual survey on how to best serve the open water community, 78% of the 2,140 respondents said they wanted more news and information on races and events. In response to these results, WOWSA launched a global event calendar this week. WOWSA Founder Steven

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High-Altitude Swims Around The World

High-Altitude Swims Around The World Video courtesy of Madswimmer on the border of Chile and Argentina in the Andes Mountains. High-altitude swims are defined as open water swims held at least 1,000 meters above sea level. Some of these high-altitude swims include (from high to really, really high): 1,132 meters (3,715 feet): wild swimming in Khar Nuur

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Live Low, Swim High

Courtesy of Hypoxico, New York. With more and more high-altitude swims on the open water swimming horizon, Hypoxico of New York has developed a great way to train for these swims in the mountains. For more information, visit www.hypoxico.com. Copyright © 2015 by World Open Water Swimming Association

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