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Do Swimmers Bonk?

As marathon runners and triathletes talk about bonking, open water swimmers talk about the conditions of the water, the pace of their competition, or the climate they will face - either warm or cold. We have rarely heard competitive open water swimmers talk about talk about straight-out bonking like runners and triathletes frequently do. That word -

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FINA Taking It To The Edge – Part 1

FINA's decisions and justifications for its latest open water swimming rules are shocking and irresponsible. In our experience, observations and opinion, there is simply no justification to allow world-class athletes to race 5 km, 10 km and 25 km in water temperatures up to (and above) 31°C. The problem is even greater because when FINA decides water

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Nothing Great Is Easy

Nothing Great Is Easy are the well-known words written on the memorial to Captain Matthew Webb, the first man to successfully swim across the English Channel in 1875.135 years later and those words still ring true – very true for marathon swimmers, the modern-day adventurers of the sporting world. Risk and danger as prevalent in marathon swimming as

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