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Seeing Blue In A Sea Of Green

Courtesy of Jacqueline Mcclelland in Ireland. Emerald Isle, is said to have 40 shades of green. From the perspective of open water swimmers who are often gazing off across the horizon or up towards the skies, it may be said that the Emerald Isle also has 40 shades of blue. Copyright © 2015 by World Open Water Swimming Association

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First Dip Of Summer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. With the water in Camlough Lake in Ireland about 10-11ºC (50-51.8ºF), the community is heading to the shoreline. This event poster provides a great imagery for the reality of the first open water swim of the event. There are the confident swimmers - swimmers who have acclimated to the cold throughout

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Vibes & Scribes’ Century Of History

There are numerous new open water swims being planned around the world. These new events join the thousands of open water swimming competitions that are over 10 years old. There are several dozens of events that are over 50 years old. But when open water swimming events reach their 100th anniversary, it is a very unusual commemorative happening. This

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