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Shelley Taylor-Smith On WOWSA Live

Shelley Taylor-Smith On WOWSA Live Sponsored by KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California. In a throwback episode (from December 2010) of Open Water Wednesday (the precursor to WOWSA Live), 7-time world professional marathon swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith spoke with Steven Munatones on a variety of topics. Taylor-Smith had several incredible

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How Fast Do You Have To Be?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. If a person wanted to break Trent Grimsey's record across the English Channel of 6 hours 55 minutes or the 1990 relay record of 6 hours 52 minutes by Americans Jay Wilkerson, Chad Hundeby, Martha Jahn, Karen Burton, Dirk Bouma, and Sid Cassidy from England to France, how fast would they have to swim from

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