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If In Doubt, Don’t Go Out

Especially if there are box jellyfish. Their stings are excruciatingly painful and potentially life-threatening. The data and forecasts used in 808jellyfish are the estimated dates of arrivals based on historical data. However, box jellyfish can also arrive on "off-cycle" days. Check out their nightly schedule, if you are in Hawaii, here at

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Which Would You Rather Face?

Jellyfish come in different sizes, shapes and colors - and many of them sting really bad - see examples here. The jellyfish on the left face swimmers in the North Channel; the blue bottles on the right face swimmers in Australia.Nuala Moore, an open water swimmer, coach and diver, talks about the Lion’s Mane jellyfish that often grown to 2 meters wide with

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Open Water Is A Different World

Nora Toledano and her fellow Sea of Cortez swimmers faced challenges that other marathon athletes do not face.Without a doubt, triathlons are tough as are ultramarathons and long-distance cycling races. The Iditarod is a massively difficult event as are adventure races and other feats of endurance.But what sport can you be attacked by sharks and zapped by

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