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Swimming And Sinking In British Columbia

Swimming And Sinking In British Columbia Courtesy of #National Geographic When open water swimmers get in and out of the water, they occasionally sink down in soft sand or muddy conditions. Jessi Harewicz, a recent guest on WOWSA Live, went swimming this week and had a harrowing experience with sinking sand in her native British Columbia, Canada, reported

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter Courtesy of WOWSA, Strait of Georgia, Canada. A father's unconditional love and paternal desire to protect his daughter are among the most powerful and profound emotions on Planet Earth. 67-year-old Richard Harewicz is always with his daughter on her marathon swims. He guides her, he looks after her. He feeds her, he

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Open Water B.C. With Jessi Harewicz

Open Water B.C. With Jessi Harewicz Courtesy of CBC Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Jessi Harewicz started her journey in the open water with a wetsuit and is now continuing without neoprene. Her story as she is on a journey to the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming was captured beautifully by director Edward Andrews, producer Mack Stannard,

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