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2 Down And It Was History For Jim

After completing back-to-back channel swims from Anacapa Island including shattering the course record, Jim McConica called it a week today. Despite having plans and a crew ready for a full week of battle in the Pacific Ocean between Anacapa Island and the California mainland, the Not-So-Old Man and the Sea called for a truce. McConica got a record and will

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Summer Swimming In The Channel Islands

Scott Zorning, president of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, announced 26 channel swim attempts between the Channel Islands and the coast of Southern California during the 2012 summer season. Most of the swims are from the small volcanic island, Anacapa, that lies about 11 miles from the California, while a few of the marathon swims will

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The Artwork Of Real Life

Jim Martin beautifully captured the essence and exploits of the Ventura Deep Six and the elements in which they challenged themselves with photography that exceeds our linguistic ability to describe it. Click here to literally feel like you are swimming with the Ventura Deep Six: Mike Shaffer, Jim McConica, Kurt Baron, Tom Ball, John Chung, and Jim Neitz.

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