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50 Years At Seal Beach

50 Years At Seal Beach Courtesy of Maria Fattal, Seal Beach, California. The number of famed marathon swimmers who have trained in Seal Beach, California is relatively small, but it is a remarkable bunch: Lynne Cox, Penny Dean, John York, Cindy Cleveland to mention a few Honor Swimmers in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. Those luminaries

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1978, The Year That Was

1978, The Year That Was Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "When I was swimming in college, the thought of drowning never crossed my mind," said Olympic champion John Kinsella. "Now, I'm aware there's a danger." Kinsella said that after his 13 hour 49 minute victory at the 1978 Lake Ontario professional marathon race. "When the

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Berkay’s Butterfly Brings Benefits

GPS tracker courtesy of Evan Morrison, Marathon Swimmers Federation. Melissa Yasmin Berkay writes frequently about open water swimming and elite open water swimmers, from Olympians to channel swimmers, for Swimming World Magazine. It will be interesting to see how she writes about her own 12 hour 37 minute butterfly crossing of the Catalina Channel

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