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Wandering Samurai In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. A rōnin was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless for various reasons including due to the death or fall of his master. In modern Japanese usage, rōnin - or a wandering samurai - also describes an individual who is between jobs or a high

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You Can’t Make It If You Don’t Try

The Farallon Islands got the better of Joseph Locke again last night. In his third courageous attempt, he made it further than he has ever gone before, nearly 25 miles, but came up short at tackling the mighty Farallones and its demons. Despite an effort that made his crew proud in the 11ºC (53ºF) water, Captain Vito Bialla and his support team pulled him

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Joe Is Not A Locke, But He Is On His Way

Joseph Locke has started off well and has been swimming very smoothly for more than 4 hours from the Farallon Islands. You can follow his progress here. The first person to swim from the Farallon Island to California was Stewart Evans, way back in 1967... Evans-Farallones-Vintage-1967 from Bruckner Chase on Vimeo. Copyright © 2013 by World Open Water

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