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High Fives All Around For DRIVEN

Julian Rusinek, a channel swimmer from California, talks about the documentary film DRIVEN: "DRIVEN penetrated directly into my strongest childhood memories. I wasn't watching a movie about swimming, I was being told a story. Rarely do we see a movie that is larger than the screen itself. DRIVEN by far was one of those movies that I became absorbed in its

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Live Bait And Aged Chum In The Open Water

Lynn Kubasek created a video of 2 relay teams: Live Bait (Julian Rusinek, Theo Schmeeckle, Peter Hayden, Natalie Merrow, Kelley Schall, and Carol Hayden) and Aged Chum (Scott Zornig, Michael Sullivan, Lisa Nordholm, Kevin Seres, Rob Dumouchel, and Lynn Kubasek) as they both swam from Santa Cruz Island to Silverstrand Beach on the California mainland in 12

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The Night Before And The Wind Is Howling

Julian Rusinek will be departing the California mainland on the Blue Fin late tonight from Ventura for his unprecedented one-way and two-way attempt between the islands of San Miguel and Santa Rosa in the California Channel Islands. While the one-way distance is only 3.6 miles, it is potentially an extraordinarily wild and totally gnarly swim in a part of

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