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Ashley Twichell Is The Queen Of The Sea

Ashley Twichell of the U.S.A. stayed just slightly ahead of Italy’s Alice Franco and Japan’s Kaoru Yamanaka in today’s 4 km ocean race on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “The weather is so beautiful today, especially after a few days of rain,” said the King and Queen of the Sea (Desafio Rei e Rainha do Mar) defending champion. “I felt good and

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Swimming & Open Water

T-shirts, polo shirts, swimsuits, swim caps seen on shorelines around the world call attention to innumerable swimming clubs, pods, teams, associations, and events. The Sports Field team of Tokyo has a nice little slogan on the back of its team attire. Kaoru Yamanaka, a top-ranked Japanese open water swimmer, wears it well. Copyright © 2013 by Open

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