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How Fast Do You Have To Be?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. If a person wanted to break Trent Grimsey's record across the English Channel of 6 hours 55 minutes or the 1990 relay record of 6 hours 52 minutes by Americans Jay Wilkerson, Chad Hundeby, Martha Jahn, Karen Burton, Dirk Bouma, and Sid Cassidy from England to France, how fast would they have to swim from

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The Colonies Are Casually Profound

While the annual banquet for the English Channel swimmers is elegant and black-tie, the annual Catalina Channel Swimming Federation is casual held with the Pacific Ocean looming just offshore.At this year's banquet, as usual, there was laughter, tears and heartfelt acknowledgements by the swimmers that frequently touched upon family ties. David Hartmire

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