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The Ties That Bind In The Open Water

What do these individuals have in common? Captain Matthew Webb, George Young, Keo Nakama (shown on left), Mercedes Gleitze, Barry Devonport, Tom Blower, and David Yudovin. Hint: The Oceans Seven. These were the first individuals who crossed each of the channels in the Oceans Seven (English Channel in 1875, Catalina Channel in 1927, Molokai Channel in

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Stephen Redmond’s Great China Walls

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. After learning about the 22 hour 29 minute 47 second marathon swim of Stephen Redmond across the Moloka'i Channel (Kaiwi Channel), we stand in awe of the Irish swimmer and everyone else who swims distances that pushes them beyond the reasonable and the normal. After leaving Papohohako Beach on Molokai

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Hipster Open Water Swimming Goggles

Keo Nakama, an inductee in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, was a multi-sport star and one of the greatest swimmers of his era. And, boy, did he use some classic goggles. Too bad manufacturers don't make those anymore. Fit is always important, but check out how hip and cool Nakama's goggles were. Marilyn Bell of Canada (shown on left) and

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