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The Old And New Of Swimming

The Old And New Of Swimming Courtesy of Pam Lazzarotto, Seal Beach, California. Older masters swimmers and veteran open water swimmers remember the days before GPS and gel packs, before polarized goggles and pull buoys or training fins of all sizes and shapes. They trained for hours without hydration or digital pace clocks. They swam for hours without

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400 Just For Kicks And Time

It is often said that the fastest swimmers also have the fastest kicks. It has been largely true since the days of Duke Kahanamoku and continues on to the era of Natalie Coughlin and Ryan Lochte. Greta Andersen and Penny Dean kicked hard during their marathon swims. There was no let-up with these women. Similarly, Chris Stevenson, a 48-year-old world

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Swimming With Paddles In The Open Water

Swimming With Paddles In The Open Water Courtesy of WOWSA, Livermore, California. It is a rare occurrence when we take swim training equipment into the ocean. Very rare. But if the surf is up along the coast in Huntington Beach, California or down in Mexico, we have taken our training fins and a kickboard in the Pacific Ocean on occasion. Cutting down

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