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When Lava Meets The Ocean

We have been writing about ocean swimming and open water swimming since the late 1970's - and Mother Nature still continues to surprise and amaze us. Pumice stones are sold in retail outlets, beauty supply stores and supermarkets around the world. A pumice stone is created when volcanic lava and water mix. In the consumer world, it is used to remove dry

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You Know You Are A Triathlete If…

1. A sprint takes you at least 2 hours 2. You know Lava is a magazine 3. Your training bikes cost you more than your car 4. You own many wetsuits in different thicknesses 5. You have 3 coaches, a nutritionist, and a masseuse 6. Bonking is a common topic of discussion 7. Kona only means one thing 8. You shave your legs more than your spouse 9. You can fit

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