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When Man Meets Shark, Dolphins Intercede

Adam Walker, known as Mad Adam, and his protective pod of dolphins in the Cook Strait continue to excite and entertain the online community: For more information on Mad Adam's swim, visit here. Mad Adam will also be one of the featured speakers at the 2014 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Isle of Bute, Scotland. Copyright © 2014 by World Open

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Free Wi-Fi In Japan For Foreign Swimmers

For an increasing number of channel swimmers who are attempting Tsugaru Channel crossings or who are participating in the increasing number of open water swims in Japan like with the Japan International Open Water Swimming Association events from Okinawa to Honshu, it is usually appreciated when Internet access is available. Facebooking your friends and

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Rough Water, Angry Open Water

When the Tsugaru Channel was added to the Oceans Seven, most channel swimmers around the world said, "Where is that? There are tides in the English Channel, jellyfish in the North Channel, huge ocean swells in the Molokai Channel, sharks and cold water in the Cook Strait, night swimming and whales in the Catalina Channel. How tough can the Tsugaru Channel

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