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Was Odysseus A Marathon Swimmer?

Was Odysseus A True Marathon Swimmer? Painting shows of Athena Revealing Ithaca to Ulysses (Odysseus) by Giuseppe Bottani (18th century). Was Odysseus among the first mythical character to be a marathon swimmer? According to Homer’s famous epic story Odyssey, Odysseus was sailing from Thrinacia to Ogygia when his ship was struck by a thunderbolt and all

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SwimTrek Up For British Travel Award

SwimTrek Up For British Travel Award Courtesy of WOWSA, Malta, central Mediterranean Sea. SwimTrek is nominated in the 2019 British Travel Awards. It is no wonder. SwimTrek was started by a swimmer and is entirely centered around the needs and desires of open water swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Its success has led to a new ecosystem

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