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The Ties That Bind In A Small World

There are several hot spots of open water swimming around the world. From Melbourne and the Serpentine to Cape Town and Honolulu, these are wonderful oases where open water swimmers can find like-minded athletes and plenty of events. Two hot spots: Faros, Croatia and Rosario, Argentina have surprising ties. Faros, site of the long-running 16 km Faros

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Simone Ercoli Leads 3 Amigos In Rosario

Simone Ercoli won the shortened Maratón Acuática Internactional Ciudad de Rosario in Rosario, Argentina over his 3 Italian teammates. The final results of the 7.2 km professional race this past Sunday: 1. Simone Ercoli (Italy) 1:15:08 2. Mario Sanzullo (Italy) 1:15:19 (shown above) 3. Andrea Volpini (Italy) 1:15:28 4. Edoardo Stochino (Italy) 1:15:43 5.

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