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Craig Dietz, From America To Africa

Craig Dietz, The Limbless Waterman, has had quite a year. From speaking at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference to completing a 5.1 km swim and appearing on American television, he has been on the move. In 2013, he will move even more. He, along with other American Olympic Coach Bill Rose and world champion Ashley Twichell, will travel to

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Who Is The Ocean Recovery Alliance?

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an international group of hard-working, passionate, creative individuals who bring new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations to help improve our oceans. They are creating and introducing innovative projects and initiatives that will help improve our ocean environment. This includes creating business

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Touching People And Making Impressions

Sometimes the life and finish of an open water swimmer can be lonely. Training up and down a coast or in a lake in preparation for a long swim is an accepted practice of open water swimmers. Finishing upon a deserted shore, sometimes at night or at most welcomed by a few well-wishers, after hours or days of non-stop swimmers with very little visual

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