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Quiero Sonreír…I Want to Smile

Quiero Sonreír...I Want to Smile Courtesy of WOWSA, Mexico City. Mariel Hawley completed her English translation of her fascinating Spanish-language book Días Azules (Water Days). The book covers many events in her life from her record-setting four-way relay crossing of the English Channel with Jorge Urreta, Luis Pineyro, Omar Díaz González, Alejandro

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Mariel Hawley Makes Mexico Proud

Mariel Hawley became the 61st person and first woman from Mexico to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with her Catalina Channel crossing in 11:27 this week. "I was so happy to see that [friend] Laura [Lopez-Bonilla] finish that my confidence grew," explained the member of Sport City, the four-way English Channel relay. "When I saw her

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