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Carina Bruwer Is A Little Fighter

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Of the more than 2,000 swimmers who participated in the SwimTheIsland event in Bergeggi, Italy, there was one swimmer who pulled double-duty. While there are a number of race directors who also swim in their races, there are only a very small handful swimmers who also entertain their fellow competitors at

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If You Are Going To Swim The Island

If you are going to Swim The Island in Bergeggi, Italy, be prepared for an overload of scenery and challenges. You may encounter calm tranquility on a morning without wind. Or the course and conditions may offer a wonderfully rough stretch of water where the turbulence of the surface waters suddenly become a higher priority than the gorgeous scenes above

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Just Starting Out In The Open Water

The anticipation of the race is over; the butteflies are gone; the worry is over. You just started the race and so many sensations are bombarding your mind. The water is a bit cool and there is chaos around you. People to your left, people to your right. Your heart is beating fast and you're a bit winded wondering when the pace is going to slow. The

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