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It Looks Longer From The Water

3-time Olympic medalist Megan Jendrick did her first open water swim this weekend at the Flowers Sea Swim. But her first foray was only one mile. Today, Jendrick successfully completed her first 5 km sea swim. But the out-and-back course looked intimidating at first. "Where's the turnaround point?" she asked. It looks so far away on land...until you

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Olympic Fever In The Cayman Islands

Walking down the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands, it is amazing how many Olympians are preparing for the 21st annual Flowers Sea Swim. Lounging on the white sugary sand, casually swimming up and down the coast staring down at the marine life, or just catching up on old times, the Olympic crowd is sizable. At least 30 Olympic swimming medals

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