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Sea Swimming Is A Beautiful Thing

Doloranda Hannah Pember, the daughter of Mercedes Gleitze accepted her mother's award as an Honour Pioneer Swimmer at 2013 the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies in Cork, Ireland. Pember is putting together an biography of her mother that covers her mother's swimming career and the way she managed it. "The biography is littered with

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Women Go 1-2-3 In Manly Event

The 1931 Manly International 500 Endurance Swimming Contest was the first professional swimming contest of its kind in Australia as well as a charity swim for the Manly Hospital Citizens' Relief Fund. 60 swimmers from England, America, Italy, New Zealand and Australia including English Channel and Strait of Gibraltar swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, New Zealand

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Mercedes Gleitz Could Only Crawl Ashore

This article is taken from Skegness, Mablethorpe And Alford News of June 26th 1929 and was headlined Miss Gleitz swims the Wash - Successful at Third Attempt - Butterwlk to Heacham in 13 1/4 hours. Miss Mercedes Gleitz, the Channel swimmer who gave exhibitions at the Skegness bathing Pool during White Week, succeeded last Thursday (20th, June) in swimming

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