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Out of Boredom Comes Aquatic Artistry

Out of Boredom Comes Aquatic Artistry Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. 16-year-old Tien Nguyen of Segerstrom Fundamental High School swims breaststroke and individual medley on her Southern California high school swim team. When she is not training and competing, she spends her time quietly, carefully and joyfully on the pool deck and in

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What If Mermaids Existed?

Open water swimmers come across jellyfish, turtles, whales, fish, coral reefs, sharks, rays, dolphins, kelp, and all kinds of other marine life. But what if swimmers also came across mermaids and mermen? Now that would be cool and would add another element to the sport. The Animal Planet has found evidence that they may exist. > Copyright © 2013 by

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