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When SEALs Stand Up To Sharks

When SEALs Stand Up To Sharks Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Scott Zornig of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association occasionally encourages qualified marathon swimmers to think about swimming from San Clemente Island to the California mainland, a 52-mile rough water swim that was pioneered in 2012 by Tina Neill who took 28 hours

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Private Thoughts On Swimming With Sharks

Is it genetic or is it environmental? Is it nature or is it nurtured? Why is it that I think of sharks when I am swimming in the ocean, far from shore? What brings them to mind? What causes the thought to suddenly pop into my head? Alone with my thoughts with my head facing downwards, I occasionally ask myself, "What do I do if I see a shark? What do I

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An Wholly Unique Experience

Swimmers and the media talk about currents, jellyfish, waves, extreme water temperatures, and rough conditions when they discuss open water swimming. The inherent risks in the open water, whether during a short 1-mile swim or during a longer marathon swim, are well-known and well-documented. Of all the world's open water swimmers, Michael Spalding of Maui

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