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POW Clinics In Woollett Aquatic Center

POW Clinics In Woollett Aquatic Center Courtesy of Mike Collins, California. Mike Collins and Natalie Barrad hosted the first of their two annual POW (Pool Open Water) events at the Woollett Aquatic Center in Irvine, California. "The open water practices are free; however, the POW Skills Clinic cost US$150 and are required to attend open water

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Race In Rosario Is Ready

The 15 km FINA Open Water Swimming World Cup race in Rosario, Argentina is on. Scheduled for today 3 pm local time, the bacteria levels in the river were astronomically high. American coach Mike Collins reported that after receiving an unsafe water quality report, local officials turned on their water treatment system and shut-off the run-off drains up

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Do You Need Open Water Swimming?

Triathlon Magazine has published a recent article that incorporates the opinions and recommendations of superstar athlete Sara McLarty and one of the most accomplished masters swimming and triathlon coaches Mike Collins entitled Do You Need Open Water Swimming? Our opinion of the answer depends on who you are. If you are a race director, you most

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