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The Strength Of Swimming

Men and women, boys and girls, young and older: they all show that muscular definition can be done with swimming. The tautness of the arms and the strength of the upper body clearly become well-defined by those who swim. Their triceps and biceps, their pectoral, deltoid, lats and trapezius muscles obtain a beautiful sleekness often admired by those who

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Swimming Past The Wall At The Clean Half

Rising from the depths, swimmers who breathe to the right have a fabulous view of The Wall during the 14.5 km The Clean Half marathon swim in Hong Kong. Photography by Victor Fraile and Mike Pickles of The Power of Sport Images brings The Clean Half alive for those not in Hong Kong. The results: 1. Swimming the Wright Way 3:00:47 Men 2. LRC (17) 3:04:02

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